Kin guarding Idols of Azathoth


Thunderbirds and Red Kites

Last night I had a dream where I was with Lolita showing her my diary, in which I had drawn a picture from a dream of a bird of prey with four heads. As I was showing her, we watched a large bird of prey fly past our bedroom window. We often see red kites and maybe buzzards in the sky around our local area and I commented to her that maybe this was a red kite. But it seemed far too large so my next thought was that it was an eagle. However, we both knew that this bird we saw fly right across the window in profile, right to left, was even bigger than an eagle or any living bird of prey known to modern science.

Lolita reminded me that she had dreamt of such a bird flying across the window recently. (Note: This was still happening in my dream, although in fact it is true she recently had such a dream).

So anyway, this was a pretty auspicious dream so of course I entered it into my diary this morning, and drew the picture that I remember seeing in the diary I dreamt. Little did I know then what would happen at lunch. I work from home, so I spend my lunch break in my living room where I have quite a good view of the sky. We were however watching the video Hippi posted recently of the Buddhist monk talking about Winners and Losers.

Suddenly however a bird caught my eye. I thought it looked like a Red Kite and pointed it out to Lolita who was watching the video with me. But I asked if it was just a gull because I wasn’t sure. At first Lolita agreed it was just a gull, but suddenly she shot up and grabbed the video camera saying it was a red kite after all.

I grabbed the photo camera and I managed to take this photo as it flew right over heads and out of sight:


Tonight we sat by the fire in the garden and I saw the Red Kite again.

Thankyou to the Thunderbird, to Garuda, to Anzu, Zu, the cherubim, the nameless eagle with the hawk storm-witherer between its eyes, and all other forms of the deity of birds known to all cultures throughout the world, for the magical experience of today, and for letting me take this beautiful photo.