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Lining out the shift to the Aquarian Age

First of all: Contrary to cult leader types or their naive New Age followers I am not deadly serious about this. I am aware that I am only speculating here, and I tell you so that you are.

I wondered when does the Age of Aquarius actually start? Because I don’t see too many signs of it already being there although I consider the Internet an important novelty in world history. But when I look at politics, society and ideology the mainstream has not changed much lately.

So I looked up how we can date the beginning of the astrological Age of Aquarius. The date that seemed most convincing is something entirely else than I expected: 2442 C.E. According to the model that leads to this date the Age of Pisces started around 300 C.E. Historically that was roughly when Christianity began to be accepted and established in the Roman Empire. Before that it was a punkish persecuted underground movement like some of today 😉

That would lead us to conclude that the initial starting point of the new major religion of the Age of Aquarius should also happen about 300 years before that Age starts astrologically which could be expected in about a hundred years roughly. An event like acceptance of a new world religion by what can be considered the major empire of a large part of the known world should then be expected during the 25th century.

Do we have any idea what this new religion or event that starts one would be? As the starting of Christianity and some of its later development corresponds to the motive of the Tarot Arcanum The Hanged Man which corresponds to Pisces, the starting of the new age should resemble the motive of the Arcanum The Star which corresponds to Aquarius. We can only guess what the star and the water in this image might refer to historically. I am not sure if the water on the card could refer to either something technological or something ethical or both. These are the two basic meanings I can think of if I interpret it as a symbol for a future historical event.

Then we know that the beginning of Christianity was influenced by all kinds of previous smaller sects and other religions. So it might well be that whatever starts the Aquarian Age will draw from an influence of alternative religious movements of today. However it is to be expected that it will be something entirely new only with a significant influence of previous movements.

Then historically we get the information that the dawn of Christianity was preceded by predictions referring to it. Nowadays we also have got sources of predictions of different kinds. Prophecies and symbolism of alternative religions of today very often centre about motives like stars and anything extraterrestrial. It is impossible to say how literal this should be interpreted. It is an option to see it as a symbol altogether corresponding to not yet cultivated (at least by the mainstream) capacities of the brain like Wilson and Leary seem to suggest.

The paradigm I implicitly base my above speculation on is Astrology. Recently I tend to rely on Astrology somewhat (had long times free of it, believe me). If you’d like to look at this paradigm for some orientation of where humankind stands, these were my conclusions. An important thing about it is: We’re still deep inside the Age of Pisces and must deal with the character of this age. And if history develops analogous to the past we’d have to expect some more turmoils in the process of the shift of Astrological Ages.