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Techne: The State of the Art

Back in the late 1990’s I found myself deeply involved with two streams of magic. On of these was Chaos Magic and at the time it worked out quite well for me to join a hierarchical order focused on that current. The nice thing about doing so at this stage is that I was able to borrow a lot of books from my mentor, and given a suggested list of books to buy by the order itself, so my learning on the subject increased dramatically.

As a programmer I was particularly attracted to those magicians that incorporated ideas from computer technology into their magic, such as Ramsey Dukes and Charles Brewster. I combined ideas from both into some magical software I called CHAOSHEX. I originally wrote this to run on DOS computers, although recently I began work on a new version that runs on Linux.

Because of this interest I was invited by a friend to write a short article on the subject of magick and technology, This was an incredibly short article that introduced concepts from Dukes and Brewster, combined them, and then turned into almost an advert for CHAOSHEX, even though CHAOSHEX was never actually available in those days.

Anyway, to get to the point, Damien Williams, who I interact with online and who contrubuted the excellent ‘Breathing’ article to ‘The Immanence of Myth’, is currently raising funds to produce an article on ‘Magic and Technology‘. Naturally I supported him. So far I haven’t been so good at promoting his project. This will be a 5000 word essay, so much more in depth than my own meagre offering, and will be called Techne: The State of the Art. Please check it out and see if you can donate a small amount towards helping it achieve its funding goal.

You can get more details at the projects inkshares page.

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  1. I should add that if you follow the above links and donate to this project, inkshares will boost your donation by adding $5 of their own! How nice of them! 🙂

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