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Thunderbirds and Red Kites

Last night I had a dream where I was with Lolita showing her my diary, in which I had drawn a picture from a dream of a bird of prey with four heads. As I was showing her, we watched a large bird of prey fly past our bedroom window. We often see red kites and maybe buzzards in the sky around our local area and I commented to her that maybe this was a red kite. But it seemed far too large so my next thought was that it was an eagle. However, we both knew that this bird we saw fly right across the window in profile, right to left, was even bigger than an eagle or any living bird of prey known to modern science.

Lolita reminded me that she had dreamt of such a bird flying across the window recently. (Note: This was still happening in my dream, although in fact it is true she recently had such a dream).

So anyway, this was a pretty auspicious dream so of course I entered it into my diary this morning, and drew the picture that I remember seeing in the diary I dreamt. Little did I know then what would happen at lunch. I work from home, so I spend my lunch break in my living room where I have quite a good view of the sky. We were however watching the video Hippi posted recently of the Buddhist monk talking about Winners and Losers.

Suddenly however a bird caught my eye. I thought it looked like a Red Kite and pointed it out to Lolita who was watching the video with me. But I asked if it was just a gull because I wasn’t sure. At first Lolita agreed it was just a gull, but suddenly she shot up and grabbed the video camera saying it was a red kite after all.

I grabbed the photo camera and I managed to take this photo as it flew right over heads and out of sight:


Tonight we sat by the fire in the garden and I saw the Red Kite again.

Thankyou to the Thunderbird, to Garuda, to Anzu, Zu, the cherubim, the nameless eagle with the hawk storm-witherer between its eyes, and all other forms of the deity of birds known to all cultures throughout the world, for the magical experience of today, and for letting me take this beautiful photo.

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  1. Wow! It feels like an “Auspex ex Avibus”, of the Alites type. Awesome pic by the way. Does she have ID tags applied to the wings? I can distinguish a red one on the right wing and a blue one on the left; maybe she is from a protected/studied area.

    Well, I’m not a Christian but look what I’ve found when I was trying to interpret your dream:

    Daniel 7:6 – After this I beheld, and lo another, like a leopard, which had upon the back of it four wings of a fowl; the beast had also four heads; and dominion was given to it. (http://www.kingjamesbibleonline.org/Daniel-7-6/)

    This passage is usually attributed to Alexander and the division of his Empire into four of his chief commanders. Not long ago, we had the Pope’s Dove episode (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2546218/Birds-released-Vatican-gesture-peace-immediately-attacked-vicious-seagull-crow.html)… can it be that you have foreseen the division of Ukraine into four areas or disputed by four countries?

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  2. In the xfiles episode ‘All Souls’ (season 5, episode 17), Agent Scully witnesses the face of a ‘Seraphim’:

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  3. The gif above shows the face of the man, the eagle and the lion. In another scene the lion faces rotates to a bull. The four faces of the tetramorph.

    When Agent Scully tells her family priest, Father McCue, that she saw a vision of a man with four faces that weren’t human, he showed her this image:

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  4. In it the angel appears as a bird with the four heads of the tetramorph. Father McCue tells her it is a Seraphim that came to Earth to return for four girls, Nephilim, whom it previously fathered, and bring them back to heaven to prevent the Devil from claiming them.

    Of course, this jumbles up some Judeo-Christian mythology somewhat, since technically it should be a Cherubim that has four faces. Whilst the word ‘Seraphim’ (burning ones) is generally used for serpents, Isiah uses the term to refer to angels with six wings, two of which cover their feet and two which cover their face, the remaining two used to fly. A strong fire association is maintained as the angel purifies the prophet by taking a hot coal from the altar and touching his lips with it.

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  5. @leoholmes I wish nothing but peace and freedom from tyranny for the people of Ukraine, however the four heads might carve it up. If your interpretation of my dream proves correct, I suspect the heads might be rival factions within Ukraine itself, although some with outside alliances.

    I also noticed the red and blue tags on the Kites wings. I’m guessing that because Red Kites were only reintroduced to Scotland recently after being almost extinct in the UK, only survivors in Wales at the end of the 19th century, that they are closely monitored.

    @agentm I remember that episode. I had made the cherubim connection to the thunderbird in Chemical Serpents. I tell of how the word Cherubim comes from the Assyrian ‘Karabu’ (blessed) a word used by the Assyrians to describe spirits known as Shedu or Aladlammu, creatures with features of man, bull, lion and eagle. Their human heads were those of Assyrian Kings. Versions with female heads were known as Lamassu.

    They served as guardian spirits and this connects them strongly to the Sphinx, a tetramorph that differs only in that it part snake instead of part bull. Like the one that Leo coincidentally posted in his blog post that immediately preceded this one. 😉

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  6. This is an automatic drawing I’ve just done whilst focusing on the the intent of reproducing my dream image. It probably has details that weren’t in the dream.

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  7. @anton, thank you for pointing out the Sphinx / Karabu connection (and the coincidence too – isn’t that weird??)

    I have been working with the Sphinx Egregore from the point of view of the fictious Mage: The Ascension by White Wolf… one of the purposes of the mysterious Sphinx (or Rogue Council) is to provoke a “second awakening” to mages and to wake up as non-mages as possible in order to unbalance the stasis of Consensus Reality. Well, at least this is my interpretation of it, since the game plot leaves it more or less open for entertainment.

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  8. So let me get this straight, on the same day @leoholmes posts a picture of a sphinx from a fictional group whose intention he interprets as ‘waking up non-mages’ and providing a ‘second awakening’ to mages, @anton has a sphinx related dream with a synchronistic bird sighting and photograph, in in and of itself a beautiful demonstration of living the magical life, but when combined with Leo’s post, I’m lost for words.



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  9. Great! Landscape of synchronicity 😀
    Not sure what might be the meaning of slugs/ snails, however I recently had a dream about a meadow flooded with water. Under the water I saw many snails and I was trying to rescue them from drowning by picking them up and moving onto a dry patch of land. The very next day i found a slug climbing on the edge of the sink in my kitchen. The sink was full of water and I was worried about the slug falling in. I picked it up to move it to a safer place but whilst doing so I accidentally dropped it into the soapy water! I searched the bottom of the sink with my hand but couldn’t find the poor creature. I decided to drain the water and then saw the slug being pulled down the drain. I failed to catch it… 🙁 In other words i killed the slug whilst trying to rescue it. I wonder what this means…

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  10. @hippi, I heard somewhere (and I think it is a buddhist teaching) that in trying to prevent something to happen, we end up causing it. 🙂

    Don’t worry, the slug was already dead.

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  11. You know @hippi, your slug dream has reminded me of a passage I wrote in Chemical Serpents:

    The Kwakwaka’wakw, Nuu-chah-nulth and Squamish tell of a three-headed serpent creature they call Sisiutl, so powerful only the thunderbirds can hunt it. To see it or even cross its slime trail can bring illness or death. In masks the central head takes an anthropomorphic shape and all three heads have horns of power, like the thunderbirds themselves. It guards the house of the sky people and can turn into the magical war canoe, Winalagalis, that can sail underground.

    Okay, so this serpent creature leaves a slime trail, like slugs and snails in your dream and experience. It seems to me a manifestation of the serpent energy of the tree. The serpent spirit in various world religions may (but don’t have to be) grouped in three categories of dragon, serpent and worm. The dragon represents the energy in the celestial or heavenly realm, the serpent in the world of the living and the worm in the underworld.

    The very word ‘worm’ in English derives from the Old English ‘Wyrm’ which meant both snake and worm. Today the Old English spelling ‘wyrm’ often means ‘dragon’ however.

    Now it seems you had a visitation from the serpent spirit in an underworld form. If the myth of Sisiutl applies then it would not have drowned entering into your plumbing, but merely escaped into the underworld in the form of the war canoe. You cannot kill or capture a god so easily.

    An alternative interpretation to that of @leoholmes on this one perhaps, but choice is often a good thing. And if you can hold multiple contradictory view points on a subject, so much the better. ;)~

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  12. Great photo, what a view!

    Have you guys heard about all the Red Kites that have been poisoned in Ross-shire lately? Might be something to factor in here, unfortunately. If you could do any protection spells or something to bring those responsible to justice I think the birds would appreciate your efforts!

    Love that drawing Anton 🙂

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  13. @spiral That is terrible news! I wonder if this is the result of someone trying to poison rats? I hear birds are often the main victims of such misguided attempts at “pest control”. Rats are generally far to clever to fall for such strategies.

    After looking it up it seems it was 9 Red Kites and 4 Buzzards that were killed, and its being treated as a ‘Wildlife Crime’. Buzzards are another bird I have a magical connection with after I held a stunned one in my lap to take to vets in Cornwall once.

    Lolita and I will certainly do some magic for their protection. In fact, we went for a walk yesterday after reading your comment, and @lolita managed to take some more red kite photos. Not quite as close up as the one that went over our house, but spectacular none-the-less. I’m sure she’ll share sometime soon…

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  14. @Anton Birds of prey are often specifically targeted and murdered by game keepers/land owners. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as most of the time the bodies are not found. There was a white tailed eagle shot in Ireland just a little while ago. That was particularly tragic. I really hope the ones that were seen in Scotland over the winter are okay.

    The killing of these animals is reprehensible, but certain people will do it and think they are right to. If you want to honour birds of prey, this is definitely an issue to tackle.

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  15. @spiral I feel slightly guillty that I only get spurred into magical action on environmental issues when an animal spirit I have a relationship with is threatened by human ignorance.

    What of the many other animals also under threat? Still the ones I have done work to protect I have definite magical connections with. I can only hope some other magicians are looking out for the Saola’s and the Vaquita’s of the world.

    It is always the way with connecting to wild animal spirits. Everyone of them shows you the impact of human cruelty, greed and destructiveness has upon them. This has been the case so far with wolves, rats, seals and now this.

    Maybe it is time we did a group ‘eco magic’ working, perhaps with the Dragon Environmental Network bindrune?

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