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Book Report…

Trying to read “Zolar’s Encyclopedia Of Ancient And Forbidden Knowledge” again. A little easier than the first attempt, but I find it still wavers between ‘significant’ and ‘whacked-out’ on the old intuition-meter…

So, my new friends… I ask for some advice and opinion from those wiser than myself… Is it worth reading? A work of some value, or merely a literary equivalent of a tourist-trap? Any and all input greatly appreciated.

3 thoughts on “Book Report…

  1. I have no idea, haven’t read it. But I have taken the liberty of expressing my point of view nonetheless – if you are not interested in a complete blabber, don’t read this post…

    The only book worth reading from beginning to the end is the one you are writing yourself. And even that one, I wouldn’t recommend reading more than once – while you write it. Books are all good and smart and ok (I mean seriously, someone had to write it all, right?), but their value is only limited to this small piece of soil you grant them. In the end, it’s all about the gut feeling really.

    As one gentleman has pointed out in another subject – I derive most of my beliefs from comic books. There are also a lot of fairy tales in my chaotic core. I value them. More than modern texts, especially encyclopedic. If the stuff you are reading doesn’t seem to make sense to you – don’t read. If it does – read. If you have mixed feelings – read anyway to be able to give advice to people, who one day come to these forums and ask the very same question 😉

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  2. I’m always interested in blabber, as long as its complete… 🙂 The reason for my original info request was because I had heard a few glowing references and a few harsh criticisms. But, I totally agree – the intuitive gut feeling is the best guide. And some of the book strikes a chord with my ‘knowing’ self… I try to refrain from either totally believing or disbelieving anything I learn, out of a healthy appreciation of the concept that I really know nothing… (and that’s always been fine with me… why strive to be in the know, when you can be in the mystery?). Anyways, thanks for the encouragement Gwydion… I do believe I’ll stick with it. Its handy to have as many concepts of alternate realities stored in the subconscious as possible… you never know when one of them may become the current ‘reality’… 🙂

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  3. For me a book’s value depends on how useful I personally find its contents. Magically speaking if a book inspires some magic that brings useful results, then it has been worth reading. Doesn’t necessarily mean I’d value it as a reference for historical or factual accuracy, or other uses that require different value criteria.

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