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Introduction to physics-based spirituality

I’ve been thinking – There is this notion among the unenlightened and enlightened alike, that science and religion kinda bite each other. Hard. So I’ve been trying to figure out, if there is a way of connecting, joining those two together. First – my motivations:

  1. Science is kinda cold, it has very little to do with soul/spiritual self, it’s not cosy enough for my tastes. At least I want you to believe so until I prove otherwise later in this post. However for now let’s face it – science is cold and not compatible with spiritual aspects of life.
  2. Religion, spiritual belief, is a little lame. You see I am a person, who really likes systems. And keeping things clean and categorized. So I am somewhat prone to trying to scientifically prove spiritual stuff. Thus, I find most spiritual systems lacking, except maybe Buddhism, but it’s just my personal preference – there’s just least bullshit in there.

Ok, having those two things explained – let’s proceed with the actual article.

This is my approach to integration of science and spirituality – three main scientific priciples that prove or will soon prove, that magic, magick and whatever you call it, is not only not unnatural in the physical sense, not subjective, but is directly and deeply interwoven with the very fabric of reality.

Before proceeding kindly note, that I haven’t read the whole archives on the forums or anywhere else on, so if this subject has been discussed earlier, let me know. Also, feel free to state your thoughts on this subject. This is just an introduction. As I learn more in the area, I intend to explain it further, but for now it’s still far from comprehensive.

The Holy Trinity of spiritual physics is as follows:

  1. String Theory
  2. Quantum Mechanics
  3. Chaos Theory

I will not go into details on those theories, mostly because I am far from understanding them in the deeper sense. However, I will briefly explain the reasons these ideas have been chosen over a multitude of others.

String theory in a nutshell has two aspects that I would be the most interested in. Firstly, the main assumption of it is that basic molecules that construct our very reality are not solid quarks or anything. String theory ‘believes’ all those ‘solid’ molecules are actually strings of energy, vibrating at specific frequencies, which grant them specific attributes. There, I’ve said it – there is nothing ‘solid’ in the universe. There’s energy vibrating, everything is the same thing, except has a bit different attributes.

There is also one more aspect of string theory. In order for it to be remotely valid, it must assume there are more than three dimensions. Some of the aspects of this theory only work when we assume reality consists of 10 or even more dimensions! Theoretical physicists have already stated, that the assumption means there might be other forms of communication/energy transfer, in fact whole new worlds in those alternative dimensions.

Conclusion – magic/spirituality is active in other dimensions. This is one of many reasons why we cannot explain why spiritual stuff works – we just can’t (yet) perceive the dimensions in which it happens.

Let’s proceed with Quantum Mechanics. Some of you might be aware of the diffraction of light and how it works. For those who are not, wikipedia has a quite decent explanation.

What I would like to focus on in this part is the fact, that quantum mechanics defies non-quantum mechanics. Essentially, what happens in the diffraction of light is that one photon interferes with itself as if it was in two places at the same time. Two places! Can you believe that? But how is that possible?


No, seriously, this is a fundamental quality of the world of quantum mechanics. Stuff goes all weird when things move at the speeds near the speed of light. You would get freaked out.

Anyway, in quantum mechanics, you get a situation, in which perceiving the state of things (like the location of a photon or something similar) has a huge impact on this state of things. To give you an easy to catch example. It is as if you were sitting in a room, with a chess game going on behind your back. You know it is happening but you have no idea what the current position of a black king on the board is. There’s a trick to it. In quantum mechanics, the king might be in two places on the board at the same time. But when you turn around to look at the board, the king assumes one position that would ‘work’ according to your understanding of the rules of the game. When you turn back to your newspaper, things go all weird again – until you take another peek, and so on.

Conclusion – the perception gives birth to a specific situation. In philosophical sense, it has something to do with solipsism, but it’s based on solid physical assumption (wink). The universe is a reality of possibility – in which nothing is set in stone. Only by perceiving and trying to figure it all out, we shape this reality – we create it, we give it specific form.

I know, I know – what kind of conclusion is that when we are not all moving with the speed of light, right? But add this to the string theory please, and you start getting what I mean.

Finally, we arrive with Chaos Theory – this one you might know quite well since you are reading here on this site and not some other (I’m also going to publish this text on my own website).

What I want to focus here is the Butterfly Effect, or the sensitive dependence on initial conditions.

What it means is that regardless of how irrelevant an event might seem, it might have big impact on the whole system. A fart in Berlin, Germany, might cause a flood on Madagascar. Somehow. Not everything can be planned, not always the same experiment will give the same results. The system of universe is sensitive.

Conclusion – there is no reason why a prayer, ritual or spell would not have a desired effect.

There we go. The scientific basis for every spiritual system I can think of right now (when I’m excited and kind of in da zone).

Consider it a framework for your own ideas. Use it, abuse it, have fun with those ideas. Explore – find more theories that can make things work this way – I just wanted to clear the foreground.

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  1. I also think that in the future humans will come up with scientific explanation for magic. I mean something more precise than theories you mentioned. To me they are good enough to explain how magic works but they wouldn’t convince a sceptic. It’s fascinating thinking that one day magic will be as obvious as magnets are today. (they were thought of as magic in the past 😉

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    • The intention was not really to convince anyone, as much as just to point out common aspects of science and magic. I have deliberately left space for discussion and consideration. But still, thank you for sharing your view on the subject, Lolita 🙂

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  2. I’m just going to paste this here, because I saw it last night and it’s just too coincidental. I, at first, actually thought it was the same as your article, Gwydion.

    Friends of mine were tagged in this person’s note. Let me know if you want to get in touch with him.

    Thoughts on the Super-Continuum or the Science of Magick Pt 1
    by Steve Ash on W3dn3sd4y, m4rch 30, 2011 @ 9:05pm
    Physical Background

    If we accept General Relativity then the physical region of the cosmos (assuming there’s more) can be described as a Space-Time Continuum of four dimensions that is distorted by the effect of gravity (easily visualisable as a 2D elastic sheet, representining space or space-time according to choice, with gravity as its distortion in an imaginary 3rd dimension). Or more precisely gravity is the distortion of the Continuum by physical energy (and energy is the degree of distortion in the Continnum). Matter can also be seen as a structured complex of physical energy or a stable but mobile distortion in the Continuum (along with the gravitational field that surrounds it as is modifiable by its degree of additional energisation). If energy can be regarded as a field with waves then a material particle is a soliton (a discrete localised wave), pure energy also produces such solitons (photons) but material solitons (electons etc) have certain properties allowing them to coalesce into material structures. A field is simply a local distortion in the Continuum. The Laws of Nature and Causation itself can be regarded as the consequences of the geometry of the Continuum. The geometry is a result of the random crystalisation of the Continuum after the chaotic big bang brought its components into existance. A finite ammount of energy entered the Continuum as it crystalised and closed, leading to the key principle of the conservation of energy behind many laws of nature. As Time is regarded as 4th dimension (albeit one with very different properties to the three dimensions of space, involving units of negative imaginary numbers, or the square roots of -1 rather than 1 as in normal space) any distortion of Space will cause a corresponding distortion of Time (as a rule increased gravity correlates to decreased time flow).

    String Theory modifies the model by explaining the interaction of particles in terms of strings, much like lines of force in an energy field. It also adds the notion of extra dimensions to the Continuum. In an earlier theory these extra dimensions described the other force fields of nature. Where gravity could be seen as a distortion in the 3D Continuum, a magnetic field could be seen as the similar distortion in a magnetic Continuum regarded as an extra 5th dimension of the Continuum, and so on, with a dimension for each kind of force. In String Theory these dimensions are closed like the dimensions of Space, but where as the Space dimension is closed on a cosmic scale, these dimension are closed on a quantum scale, tiny loop dimensions. But similarly just as a distortion in the Space Continuum is responsible for a gravity field, distortions in these loops in the weave of the Continuum are responsible for electro-magnetic fields etc. An important difference is that whereas the gravity field is part of an extended region of the Continuum, Space-Time, these local fields are insular to their sources, such as electrons, but interact with each other via the larger Continuum to create the extended fields that exist along side the gravity field. There are seven micro dimensions in this model (different geometrical properties in these dimensions are responsible for the difference between energy and matter and cause the formation of material structures). The Space-Time field itself may have originally been the spontaneous interaction of ‘Geometrons’ with their own micro gravity loops into a large gravity field, equivalent to an energised Space-Time Continuum.

    M-Theory (advanced String Theory) modifies this further by observing that the equal potential strength of all types of energy field, barring gravity, and the relative weakness the gravity field suggests that gravitational energy ‘leaks’ out into yet another dimension beyond the four dimensional Physical Space-Time Continuum (and the seven microdimensions in its weave), or in other words there is a Super-Continuum of at least 12 dimensions, or to talk in extended terms only an 5th dimensional Supercontinuum, with a gravitational field seperaring a range of seperate ‘universes’ (Closed Physical Space-Time Continuums). Quantum Theory adds the puzzling element that what actually exists in the cosmos is a potentiality that can become manifest in a variety of ways each with their own probability. That is where a variety of phenomena can occur, acording to the the laws of physics as outlined above (for instance a photon can travel from A to B on a variety of physical paths though the Continuum, or even not travel at all), all these phenomena will happen simultaneously in potentia (there will actually be a number of virtual photons travelling on all those possible paths, and interacting with each other, as well as stationary virtual photon) and the resultant reality will usually be the most probable outcome given the situation as it develops, and where the probabilities are equal the result is random (many of the possible paths of the photon have an equal probability, some meandering paths may have a lower probability, and the straight line, shortest distance path will have a higher probability, and the stationary photon will have an extremely low probabilty). The manifest reality will not occur until a measurement is made and will determine the result according to how and where it is made (if a simple measurement of the photon was made at B, and the direct route was blocked, then there would be an equal probability of it following some path around the block, a remote possibility of it meandering around, and a potential but near impossible situation of it standing still). Normal statistical rules apply here (the photon may have a one in a trillion chance of standing still so may do so once every billlion years for example).Thus the Continuum itself must exist in several potential states till a measurement is made. An added oddity is that while a physical state does not manifest until a measurement is made some paired states (position-momentum and spins for example) can not be measures simultaneously, if one of the pairs is manifest its partner is still in superpostion or multiply virtual, until measured when the other state will become unmanifest. Any extra factor is that energy can be loaned under this theory. If the energy level of some physical system is unmeasured and unknown it actually has all energy levels, including very high ones, these can be actualised in the same way virtual particles can interact for short instances, but must be paid back at a later time when a more classical, energy conserved state, is achieved through measurement. But in principle in rare instances any ammount of energy is tapable from the potential of the Continuum.

    Decoherence Theory suggests that what happens at the microscopic level (once thought to be the only zone of influence for quantum effects) also happens at the macroscopic and cosmic level, but is more difficult to detect. The reason for this is thought to be that measurement has its effect by ‘connecting’ ‘disconnected’ parts of the Continuum into one of several coherent wholes consist with an ordered history, while disconnected parts may continue in a multi-potential mode, containing elements inconsistent with any past or present situation that it is not at that time connected too.The odd part is that even the consistent history is never the actual state of the universe, under this theory, the potentiality is, and the consistent history is only real for those interacting with a closed causal network, aliens in another galaxy too far away to interact causally may experience a completely different possible consistent history and so an alternative universe.

    Causation is not the sole medium of the Laws of Nature, many influences are acausal but lawful such as the Pauli exclusion princinple that limits the number of possible quantum states (keeping electrons in their proper orbits for one) and so structures matter and the acausal coupling effect in entanglement, which is also entirely non-local. Both seem to be based on connections outside of the Physical Continuum, perhaps indicating that Quantum Potentia is also found in its own dimensionality with causal relations the grounding of the Manifest in the classical Physical Continuum (this parallels the logically dubious quantum multiverse or parallel time line theory, where world lines can branch into equally real alternate universes. The branching would itself be in the direction of a 5th dimension. However here only one branch is manifest, the rest are just virtual world lines extending out into Potentia. Though they could become manifest to an alien observer connected causally to one of them rather than to our world line, if such detachment were possible). Also the influence of Statistics or Probability is as lawful as it is random (with the run of a die roll for instance where 6000 rolls will necessarily produce 1000 ocurances of each possibility but uneven random clustring of the numbers will result). The mechanism of Probability remains a mystery some assume a Propensity Field is responsible, if so the Propensity Field may be manifest as Probabiity Waves extending out into the dimension of Potentia. Time remains a great mystery, the fourth dimension may be as predeterminate as the space dimensions were once thought to be, but as future measurements have yet to be made the future is in perpetual potentia until we arrive there and make a measurement, then it must fall in line with the past history in a random but consistent way (for us). The past would appear looked into a permanently consistent history, but only from our perspectives in the now, whose existance depends on that consistent history. Causally detatched aliens may see a different past.

    The Psychic Dimension
    We can now attempt to tie in the mental and psychic regions of the Cosmos as extradimensional extensions of the Physical Continuum into a broader Psycho-Physical Continuum, and supply a parallel or similar set of laws to it.

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    • That is very good stuff – a bit more in-depth in the physical sense, which is a bit alien to me. Still – I don’t believe in coincidence – I am likely to believe, however, that one of us has been sending waves of thought in that direction and other has just picked them up. I would be more than interested in reading more from that author though – or otherwise getting in touch with him.

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  3. I have to agree!!!…with all of the above, especially.. as I had not looked on the site for a while.. and have been thinking about rather similar stuff anyway..( no, there IS no such thing as coincidence!!.. certainly, not the way our synapses are wired up, anyway..:-) )
    Keep the initiative flow guys!.. we are working towards a here and now truth.. To blow your socks off!!!!

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    • The fun part is that whenever we are closer to understanding how things work, it is revealed, that we are merely scratching the surface ^^ But yea, let’s keep scratching.

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  4. Hi yes a coincidence indeed.

    Am still working on part three to that series 🙂

    Time to reactivate my KIA account I think….

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  5. Will post a link to part 3 when done and join the debate soon as I get a deadline I’m working on sorted

    Steve Ash

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  6. Fun stuff. I’ve always had a kinda love/hate relationship with magical pseudo-science. Its great to look at where the current limits of scientific understanding lie, and magicians throughout the ages have tried to explain magic using the least understood phenomena and technologies from their own times. Etherics, Magnetism etc. I can’t help wonder if the magical fascination with Quantum weirdness will one day seem as foolish. But then being foolish feels fun, and a magical paradigm doesn’t need ‘scientific validity’, it just needs to get results…

    I guess this fits with the ‘Polyphasic Consciousness’ that @tortugo23 mentioned, where we can embrace the scientific worldview without excluding alternatives, because all modes of thought help us better in different circumstances.

    Ramsey Dukes also explores a similar theme in some of his books concerning the relationship betwixt Science, Art, Religion and Magic.

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    • It’s all about potential and possibility. I wouldn’t really be satisfied with ‘certainty’, so it is indeed fun to try and connect those theories with anything.
      Imho, the relationship between those four elements you’ve mentioned is more intimate, than we would initially expect. I actually don’t think any of them is distinct – separate from all others.

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  7. This is all very intriguing, as I was wondering recently about the same kinda thing with stuff like, the double slit experiment, when you look it’s a particle, when you don’t look it’s a wave.. Maybe another dimension, or dimensions would explain these quantum quandaries?
    Things like particles being in two places at once, particles jumping from one place to another, without actually being anywhere in between. I don’t understand all that much about quantum theory, although I am reading a book about it at the moment, I think I have taken in some of it, but although it’s apparently one of the easiest to understand.. mostly it’s far too complicated for me!
    But I gotta admit, the bits that fill me with awe the most, are the bits that cannot as yet be neatly filed away under the heading of ‘sussed’.

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  8. I agree that magick doesnt need ‘scientific validation’ but I think it does need a paradigm or map which orientates its practitioners, something that has always been the case from the Theosophists to the Thelemites (one exception to the rule may be another project I’ll be announcing soon). And as a Perspectivist I definitely agree that all alternative paradigms are valid, both scientific ones and non-scientific ones.

    That said I’d still maintain that if Magick is real it has to be one day brought under a scientific theory, and that contemporary Physics is almost certainly the final form of the science of the physical world, particularly Quantum Mechanics (because it’s the first ‘non-theory’, in that its not a theoretical model put forward by anyone, as were most former theories of science, its an empirical and practical description of phenomena with 100% predictive accuracy in almost 100 years now) and to a lesser extent Relativity Theory (or Invariance Theory as it should more properly be called). All that scientists need to do now is combine these two and fill in a few details, as M-Theory and Quantum Loop Gravity seem to be doing quite well, and Physics will have achieved its holy grail of a unified theory (albeit partially as the Incompleteness factor seems to indicate that the final unified theory will be one of many alternative perspectives and equivalent models none of which are complete). The interesting part is that several of these models seem to rely on consciousness as a factor, leading off perhaps to future paraphysical science. Thus the physics of today is probably almost identical to the physical aspect of a future paraphysical science that will describe Magick, and and reasonable guess is the Psychic component may be very similar to the Physical component if they are as capable of interaction as they appear to be in Magickal experience. Thats my starting point.

    Is this Pseudo-Science? I don’t think it is, as long as we treat it as a hypothesis thats being tested by a research project, rather than a ‘proven’ theory. This is how most of the soft sciences function so is a valid method. Certainly the physics part isnt pseudo-science and the psychical extension is only an extrapolation of that, and so a valid research project.

    My perspective on this is also shaped by my position as an Illuminist Occultist rather than a Traditional Occultist. An essentially political orientation and schism that emerged in the late 18th century when the majority of Rosicrucian and mainstream Masonic Fraternities embraced political Conservatism and a religio-mystical occult paradigm in opposition to the Illuminati’s political radicalism and scientific explaination of occultism. The resultant covert warfare between different secret societies being at the root of the emergence of Thelema and later Chaos Magick, both of whom were of the Illuminist camp.

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    • What you are pointing out here is very interesting. I do, to a point, agree that magick will at some point be analysed in a way similar to physics and, perhaps at some point, will merge into physics at first as a paraphysical branch, and afterwards – maybe – as theoretical physics.
      And as much as I find this fascinating, I can’t stop imagining what would it mean to other sciences, that have something to do with magick. For example psychology.
      If the necessary assumption in those paraphysical studies has anything to do with consciousness, imagine what happens. Consciousness becomes a variable in physics – a formula based, solid facts science. This definitely means a shift of perception in subjects relating to psychology, perhaps resulting in acquiring information on the ‘substance of consciousness’ so to speak, or – in the end – what ‘self’ is made of.
      I realize it does sound a bit science fiction (but everything does to an empty mind) – my conclusions might be far fetched. But with quantum physics around, I feel things like those are possible. And I would really love to see a point of such merging of psychology, philosophy and physics.

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  9. Almost finished the last two parts of my own views on this.

    I like Gwydion’s initial outline, and I think he’s spot on with his observation of energetic interactions and multi-dimensionalism.

    The idea that perception plays a role in QM is a bit outdated now unfortunately, and the evidence seems to indicate that its more to do with causal entanglement that allows measurement to collapse a superposition into a classical state (and the speed of light stuff is Relativity Theory rather than Quantum, but thats equally as weird).

    But the newer stuff is weirder, it seems when we measure a ‘particle’ in superposition we interact with it physically, but not in a conventional causal way, but in a way that brings it into line with the physical history that we and the people we also interact with share. That is only a few of its many potential states will fit in with the consistent physical structure that our past and present consists of and the actual result is random and statistical. But the really weird part is that this appears to be only one of appearance and physical consequence for us, the ‘real universe’ is always in a state of potentia, and another community of experiencers in some way causally disconnected from us would experience a completely different universe (a kind of branching in the multiverse that required other observers)!

    Similarly statistics and probability within ‘randomness’ is another mystery, which Karl Popper (whose theories made George Soros one of the richest men in the world) suggests is defined by a Propensity Field, which logically must exist in yet another dimension.

    Given our experience of synchronicity and odd probabilities in Magick this may be the bridge into physicality for consciousness.

    These thoughts led me to develop Part 2 of the above essay which I forgot to post, but will do now. 🙂

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    • The role of perception is I think a bit weird in this one – and trying to use the explanation of superposition and its collapse to the classical state in this pretty much basic introduction to physics in spirituality wouldn’t really explain too much. So I’ve decided to use perception instead of writing about causal entanglement (simplification was used for my own sake too, for I am no physicist – more like a highly intuitive thinker, and the causal entanglement is not yet natural to me at this point 😉 )
      The problem with the aspect of theoretical physics that deals with the separation of universes is that the non-causality renders us unable to communicate in any way with those potential alternatives. Would be so awesome to be able to call grandma from another world! Freaky.

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  10. Hey Gwydion, thats not sci fi at all its pure logic in my view lol. Or at the very least its the simplest explanation that accounts for the relation of physics and psychology and so logically has to be explored first.

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  11. Here’s my Part Two

    A Preamble on Consciousness

    While the human mind is undoubtedly a product of physical processes in organic matter, and consciousness deeply effected by physical elements (as anyones whose consciousness has ever been altered by certain physical molecules knows) it does not follow that all possible minds are produced by physical processes or that consciousness is an emergent product of such physical processes. While Idealism (the mystical view that everything exists in consciousness alone and matter is an illusion) was refuted by the emergence of Quantum Mechanics (due to the enormous gap between logic / cognition and actuality that was revealed by it) it does not follow that reductive Physical Materialism is anymore truer.

    Philosophy of Mind has been at a crossroads since the mid 1990s, when after half a century of debate most philosophers of mind and allied scientists realised that it was no longer tenable to explain consciousness in terms of physicality alone and that mind could only be understood as a system of causal relations of which the brain (human or non-human) was only one possible form (any system, physical or non-physical, capable of ordered, internal causal relations can constitute a ‘brain’). While the functionality of mind can be fully explained by a mechanical process, similar to a symbolic processing unit such as a computer, or a connectionist neural network, the passive phenomena of experience and the active phenomena of will remain two irreducible phenomena that cannot be explained in this way, and mind itself as we experience it seems rooted in these phenomena. We can attempt to dismiss these phenomena as illusions, but despite the fact that it seems self evident that will (and closely related desire) is not an illusion but rather fundamental to our being, even the concept of an illusion requires a sense of experience.

    The current attempt to get to grips with these issues encompasses the rival claims that the irreducibles are products of language, and that consciousness and physicality are both the products of the irreducible properties of some greater substance (ala Spinoza) or process (ala Whitehead). A third position that the issue is beyond human cognition seems at this stage unnecessarilly pessimistic in its pure form. All of these are probably partly true to some extent, but to say the conscious meaning of a symbol is produced by a holistic symbol system itself seems to merely replicate the functionalist error at a more abstract level. While socialised symbol systems (languages) are undoubtedly a higher level structural framework shaping the internal symbolic manipulations of the brain (and probably equally shaped by the limits of these manipulations) the raw subject, consciousness itself and the potential for meaning, cannot be produced by these systems, any more than a carpenter or a cupboard can produce wood. Though the arbitrariness inherent in the symbolic system can make any cognitive understanding of the process problematic.

    Consciousness requires a precise definition however, it is not a state of mind or our self-consciousness as human beings, or any other organised mode, as this is merely consciousness as shaped by mind and language, or the content of consciousness, not consciousness itself. We are thus left with a passive potential for experience, phenemenal consciousness in the jargon, which can be visualised as something that takes subjective impressions, much like a piece of wax takes objective impressions. This is the focus of interest here, the complexities of subjective construction and the content of consciousness can be passed over, as we did with the complexities of physics and objective construction.

    Similarly although the human notion of free will may be a non-unitary complex of competing subwills (ala Nietzsche) and a conceptualised and rationalised complex of desires (ala Freud), the basic core reality of an active will or desire to grow and develop (to have power) with which we appear to be consciously aligned cannot be reduced away. This can be regarded as an energy to change that is our essence.

    Two serious caveats remain after this. One is that all of the above is couched in language, the symbolic system that we have already said both shapes and distorts our cognition, making the whole endeavour fairly shaky in its foundations. However given that the symbolic system has emerged as a means to survival in the actual world, we can assume that it has some traction on actuality, and so can pull us up by our own bootstraps despite its own limitations. The other serious issue is the extent to which our cognition might shape actuality, as well as our reality, we can no longer assume the mirror theory of representation, that our perception is a secondary reflection of a stable reality. But on the other hand Quantum Mechanics has demonstrated that the actuality is can not be entirely shaped by our perception or cognition, as Idealists once naively thought. There may be a dialectic between our mental cognition and the objective actuality that produces our reality (both in the subjective and objective sense), but it is not a simple one, and braketing out one side of an equation in a focused examination of both objectivity and subjectivity in turn may shine some light on how both might interact (if they do).

    The Psycho-Physical Bridge

    The most obvious connection between material phenomena and the mind is the phenomena of synchronicity or ‘meaningful coincidence’. While trivial forms of this can be discounted as Apophenia (pattern recognition amidst noise)more remarkable examples escape this definition. The basic notion of a coincidence is a non-causal event, that is inexplicable by any known acausal process, and so must be random. The basic notion of meaning can be taken as an event in the mind, we don’t need to explore the nature of meaning here yet, which at root is a subjective impression in consciousness, or more accurately a complex of such subjective impressions in a structured relationship. So in essense a mental impression is being found to correlate with random event (there being no need to evoke mysterious, ascausal influences for which we have no evidence). Given what was said in part one this can be understood as an interaction between a conscious impression and the propensity field of the dimension of potentiality. Such a interaction is not a consistent one however so we need to ask what is randomness and propensity and how might conscious impressions affect them.

    Randomness is an elusive concept the rolling dice in themselves are not essentially random processes, if enough physical information was available of the dice’s trajectory the result might be predictable, but the human action of rolling the dice includes several causal chains at the quantum level, where pure randomness lies, so the process is effectively random. In general it seems that the more probable outcomes are those with the lowest energy expenditure, but the actual result is never predictable just statistical. One way of modelling that would be through a propensity wave in the dimension of potentia, in which high probabilities matched the peaks or troughs of the waveform and low probabilities the base line. Objectively this propensity wave would be present as a geometric distortion in the Continuum, or energy wave, flowing through this dimension (the opposite energy state to that of the spatial dimensions, where high probability is associated with low energy rather than high energy, in a similar relation to the mathematical inversion of the space and time dimensions, perhaps indicating the dimension of potentia is more time-like, just as it appears to be in the old branching timeline diagrams). As this propensity waves cuts through the spatial plane it can be regarded as imparting energy to causal events in that plane in proportion to their probability. With an energy threshold for the probable events lower than the improbable events, the potentiating energy imparted by the propensity wave will trigger these easier, with a stastistical spread proportionate to the energetic shape of the waveform. The randomised pattern reflecting the chaotic flux of energy at the quantum level. This is only a very vague outline of a general principle of course.

    If meaning affects this probability, in synchronicities, while consciousness has no measurable causal power, then consciousness must be influencing the propensity wave in the dimension of potentia and altering its ability to potentiate random occurances in the space-time region of the Continuum. For this to happen phenomenal consciousness itself would have to be an extra dimension of the Continuum, where subjective impressions (mental events) were distortions in this dimension of the Continuum, just as objective impressions (material events) were a distortion of the space-time dimensions of the Continuum. We thus have at least 13 dimension, the physical 11 of M-Theory, the dimension of potentia and the dimension of consciousness. This obviously leads to a Panpsychism in which the Continuum itself has a potential for consciousness, that manifests in its parts and relates them to each other and the Cosmos as a whole.Part three will explore that possibility and its consequences.

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  12. Very well done, Kao! I am not sure if I’d easily agree on the last paragraph. But a reason for this might be that I am not informed enough. The rest is superb! This is decent, good philosophy! You demonstrate a knowledge not even every professor in this discipline has got. I wish you’d impress the hell out of the more ignorant philosophers of today with this treatise.
    Possibly you could even get away with being an occultist at the same time given the quality of your treatise. Well OK, that would be revolutionary under the given circumstances, too good to be true maybe.

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    • An interesting bunch, am thinking of joining a similar group in the UK. They are probably Illuminati 🙂

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  13. Heres part three (tho my brain is beginning to ache)

    Consciousness as a ‘Material’ Dimensionality?

    In the previous essay we established the hypothesis that a panpsychic (or at least a protopanexpriencialist) phenomenal consciousness could be described as distortions in a elastic plane of a higher dimension of consciousness, much like the dimensions of space or time, and that as consciousness effected coincidences (synchronicity) but had no effect on space or time then it must effect a hypothetical propensity dimension that controled the coincidences. But what is individual consciousness?

    I would hypothesise that individual consciousness is a local field in the conscious plane of the Continuum, with its own micro-distortions (conscious impressions) created by psychic energies of various kinds. In fact given the nature of consciousness there must be at least four dimensions to this field, or four fields to the composite field (just as electromagnetism has two fields) one corresponding to the sense impressions that make up the world as we experience it, a second an irrational, willed set of impressions, that of imagination and dream, and a third another set of irrational impressions, that of desire and emotion (possibly actually two related dimensions?), and a forth a rational, willed set of impressions, that of meaning and cognition. The way these interact with each other and the physical dimensions is thus crucial to understanding how this psycho-physics might function. In simple terms, the sensory field obviously interacts with the physical dimensions and their energies in the brain where the sense data comes from, while the imaginal field is normally a weak field that is shaped by the psychic energy of wills and concepts or unconscious desires and ideas (in dreams), and the latter can swap with the sensory field in ‘hallucinations’. The Emotive field and the Cognitive field also seem to effect both the Imaginal and Sensory fields.

    A Speculative Taxonomy of Field Dimensions

    Sensory Field : Peaks and troughs in the plane corresponding to sensory objects, just as peaks and troughs in space-time correspond to material objects. Energy is mostly sensory intensity but may be augmented by other energies.Bodily movement would seem to come about by interaction of will energies and the sensory body in this field.

    Cognitive Field : Peaks and troughs in the plane corresponding to ideas/concepts (or component catagories). Energy here may correlate with degrees of clarity and concentration and again be augmented.

    Id Field : Peaks and troughs in the plane corresponding to desires and repulsions. Psychological attraction and repulsion.

    Emotive Field : Peaks and troughs in the plane corresponding to elation and depression. Energy here is psychical.

    Imaginal Field : Peaks and troughs in the plane corresponding to imagined objects. Energy here would be will but also augmented by the other energies.

    Memory Field : Peaks and troughs in the plane corresponding to stored experience. Access here seems partly willed.

    Only the Sensory Field would necessarily interact with the physical domain, the other field may only mutually interact with the Sensory Field and each other (the idea that not all dimensions interact parallels M-Theory, in which gravity, and its spatial dimension, interacts with the dimension between the universes and its field(s), where as electromagnetic fields and its dimensionality do not. Perhaps the psychic dimensions are curled up like the force dimensions of string theory?). The interaction being hypothetically akin to the way that spatial distortions effect time distortions, rather than cause and effect, for example a desire fulfilled would be a Id plane trough, with its libidinal field attractions, flattening out and consequently generating a peak in the Emotive plane or an elation (just as a deepening spatial trough, or gravity well, creates a corresponding temporal peak in the interconnected time dimension, which slows time flow in Relativity Theory). Thus we could combine Relativity type effects with the speculative ‘laws of psychology’ and psychoanalysis. There may even be a future psycho-physics with geometry and formulas 🙂 Though the energies of free will and creativity may prevent determinism and introduce unknown variables…

    Unresolved Issues

    The scientific issue here would be how the physical fields of the brain interact with the sensory field? Sense data is believed to be integrated in the sensory cortexes of the brain, as patterns in a neural network (as are memories, thoughts, feelings and imaginings in different regions). The only current theory on this involves the role of microtubial networks in controlling neuronal activity, and the quantum level activity in them, therefore the statistical influence of the propensity field must play a role and perhaps this influences the sensory field.

    Another issue is cognition and memory, these are obviously brain functions built from neural nets, and in the case of cognition influenced by the lingustic neural nets that are shaped by socialised language structures. The process is obviously a complex one but again the quantum potential of these states may effect the propensity field as much as the propensity field defines their outcome. And as Synchronicity demonstrates meaning and propensity are closely linked.Thus while the nature of meaning may be structured by the relation of internal brain states and external language patterns, the experience of meaning would be registered as an impression in the Cognitive field. Likewise with memories which also maybe structured in the brain, and implicit (how to) auto memory may remain there, while explicit (what) memory may be experienced as impressions in the Memory field. Libidonal, Emotive and Imaginal fields might only interact with the Sensory field, though the close correlation between bodily states and emotions and desires may indicate direct physical interaction, although even here the correlation is with the sensory information from the body so may be mediated through the sensory field. Only the Imaginal field seems totally isolated from the Physical fields.

    Collective Consciousness The relation between the personal fields of consciousness and the conscious planes of the Continuum may be as straight foward as local gravity fields in the total gravity field of the universe, but given the possibility of the limited interactivity of local conscious fields and its possible explanation in the microdimensional theory, the case may be closer to electromagnetic fields were local microdimension interact by forming networks in the spatial dimension. In this case we have an explanation of groups of individuals forming strong psychic links amidst the weaker collective field of all human individuals. But given that self-consciousness is a cognitive process found in brains but not these more extended fields these connections will be unconscious ones. They will also be chaotic and instinctual unless somekind of mindfield is generated within them.

    Free Will

    Will appears to be the application of directed energies into the sensory body in the Sensory field as well as into the Imaginal field, it also has an influence in the Libidinal and Emotive fields and the Cognitive field, and can have a selective effect on the Memory field. All of these interactions are probably as complex as the most esoteric theories of Physics and so outside the scope of a basic exploration like this. But in short we as Beings appear to be simply the conscious energy in the Continuum that can interact with the other apparently non-conscious energies and the Continuum’s geometry (assuming these arent simply subconscious energies of a broader field).

    Quantum Consciousness

    So far we have applied Quantum Physics only to the Physical and treated the Conscious dimensions in terms of Relativity Theory (and even there only explored the most obvious consequences) but Quantum phenomena may also occur in these dimensions adding to the complexity.

    Rationality and Laws of Nature

    There is also of the complex relationship between human rationality, and its cultural and linguistic origins, and the laws of nature based on the geometry of the Continuum. This is even more significant given that the cognitive field dimension will have its own laws and order which were continous with physical laws (which might suggest a Platonic dimension to reason). But given the huge difference between classical logic and the laws of quantum mechanics, these cognitive field laws are probably very different to human logic.

    Again we are faced with huge complexities here (and my brain is exhausted lol).The final part will look at psychic phenomena and Magick, as well as possible connections with Morphic fields.

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    • Another observation contrary to what I said in the beginning are reports of possible connections between consciousness and time flow, which may be another similar interaction , time being very different to space dimensionally.

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  14. I don’t think this speculation provides all the answers but it might help form deeper questions!

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  15. I’ve got a bit bogged down trying to get this all to mesh nicely with the Babylonian creation myth for the Necronomicon I’m writing :)))

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  16. Given whats been said in the previous notes theres not a lot left to say about Magick other than it constitutes the manipulation of probability via consciousness, through the medium of what has been called the Propensity Field or Dimension (after the theories of Karl Popper), basically the ‘force’ behind the laws of statistics (modelled on the magnetic force behind the behavior of magnets) that ensures heads come up exactly 50% of the time in a thousand coin tosses, and also what ‘random’ numbers actually occur in sequence. Thus a super magician could force 500 heads in a row, but afterwards would have to suffer 500 tails (in reality the effect would be more subtle and work via Complexity Theory models). The connection between the Propensity Field and Physical Laws appears to operate at the Quantum level, the Propensity Dimension being the one in which all the virtual positions of a particle exist, and the ‘space’ in which the particle interferes with itself after passing through a defraction grating in the famous double slit experiment. It would also be the ‘space’ into which the Space-Time lines branch in the many worlds interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, except here only one branch becomes actual the others are virtual ‘ghost worlds’ whose existance is only potential rather than real (although Decoherance Theory suggests more than one world may actualise if their observer communities or measuring systems or not causally connected, assuming that’s possible). But the Actual Cosmos is always the Quantum Reality, not the one we experience which is only a part of Reality. In simple terms the relationship between the Quantum Plane of Potentiality and the Physical Planes of Space-Time would be geometric in the same way the relationship between Space and Time is in Relativity Theory, and subject to similar laws. The relationship between the Field of Consciousness (local or universal) and the Plane of Potentiality appears to be via Meaning, according to observations of Synchronicity, and therefore with the Field of Cognition, hence Magick works through the manipulation of symbols which have their own Semiotic laws. This manipulation is performed through interaction with the Imaginal Field which in turn is energised by Will or Desire (individual or collective as all these fields operate in their respective dimensions bothe individually and in a collective linked up way, just as the magnetic fields of individual electrons produce a strong local field and a ‘weaker’ universal virtual field). All these dimensions and their fields are links up into one vast Relative geometrical relation known as the Continuum or Cosmos.

    The fact that Magick is an acquired art that works via the ‘unconscious mind’ when rationality is closed down is another interesting observation. The difference between a rational mind and the unconscious may be equivalent to a Causal Network in the Physical Dimensions as opposed to a Superpositional Quantum State, but occuring in the Psychical Dimension(s). The Cognitive Field being put into Superposition may be equivalent to trance. Thus perhaps the Cognitive Field and it logic it what maintains consensual reality via the Propensity Field. By putting it into Superposition we allow imagination to be shaped by volition to shape the Imaginal Field and modify reality, but without a clear conscious Cognition we have a weaker Volition so we have to energise Imagination with intense Instincts and Emotions and communicate the map to it via a programmed series of Symbols? Maybe.

    The only other speculation we could make on Magick might relate to the so called Laws of Magick and see if they match up? Such as:

    Law of Perception : Perception effects Reality. The parallel between our Physical Dimensions and Psychical Dimensions?

    Law of Attention : Rearranging Attention effects Perception. The effect of Will on the Psychical Dimensions, perhaps theres a Volitional Field too (which would be our purest purposive being, or our becoming when in superposition?).

    Law of Synchronicity : Goes without saying! Though its interesting some books describe this in terms of a dialogue with the Cosmos, perhaps emphasing that meaning also exists in the universal Cognitive Field as well as our own? Though this model can also be used to strip away the deep and meaningful and base some Synchronicities on what you saw on TV last night 🙂 )

    Law of Pragmatism : If it works its true. A good way of avoiding Complexity Theory above?Law of Unity : Everything is linked. The Continnum?

    Law of Reflection : Microcosm and Macrocosm. A local Field in the Continuum will be shaped by the Continuum as a whole, just as a soliton is a point shaped by the whole, a fractal relation may apply?

    Law of Association : The symbolic aspects of Magick. The Cognitive Dimension?

    Law of Contagion : Anything in contact with someone links to them. Quantum Entanglement

    Law of Duality : Everything is composed of opposites. Basic Quantum Theory (as in an electron with both up and down spin) where reality is Quantum Reality?

    Law of Interfaces : The power of the Inbetween. Basic Superposition induced symbolically.

    Law of Personification : Any object, force or concept can be personified. The basic universality of local cognitive and volitional fields to all phenonemena (physical or psychical), whether such fields are natural or produced by sentient beings like us (but we may also be produced this way)?

    Law of Intelligence : The more complex a phenomena the more intelligent it is. Basic Functionalism?

    Law of Singularity : The more you repeat a spell or a divintion the less effective it will be. The Statistical element?

    Another aspect untouched is the idea of a Morphogenic Field, a force that organises physical and psychical elements into patterned structures and seems to be beyond Space-Time. This could simply be an extra dimension to add to the Propensity Field or perhaps just another manifestation of it. Perhaps its the part of the Propensity Field that selects the random pattern, rather than the part that creates Statistical regularity? Both being forces that act on ‘random’ events.

    Finally how does this model fit with traditional esoteric models?Curiously (though perhaps accidentally) it matches the ‘octave model’ quite well, this is the notion that there are 8 planes of existance (7 plus a transition) and 8 ‘chakras’ (also semi-equivalent to the 8 circuit model of Leary). It would match out with the dimensionality of the Continuum quite well:

    1 Base Chakra – Instincts – Dimension 1 (forward back)

    2 Navel Chakra – Emotions – Dimension 2 (left right)

    3 Solar Plexus Chakra – Ego/Language – Dimension 3 (up down)

    4 Heart Chakra – Social – 8 Dimensions 4-11 (the 7 force dimensions of string theory, plus the new force discovered?)

    5 Throat Chakra – Pluralistic – Dimension 12 (M-Space between universes, multiverse / multiprogram)

    6 Brow Chakra – Self Programming – Dimension 13 (Propensity Field / Morphogenic Field?)

    7 Crown Chakra – Self – Dimension 14 (time)

    8 Transcendental Chakra – Non-Physically located – Dimensions 15-22 (8 Psychical Dimensions, including volitional and morphogenetic fields related to ESP in addition to the six mentioned in the earlier note, sensory to imaginal).

    Note level 4 and 8 both then have 8 sub levels making up the magick number 22 🙂 (perhaps 23 if pure chaos outside the Continuum??)

    Given the conscious associations with each chakra, perhaps each of the 8 psychical sublevels also correspond to these levels, with the Instinctual Field also linked to Chakra 1 and the isolate Imaginal Field at Chakra 8 (the 8 force dimensions might have a parallel if less interesting correlation).

    Of course this seems a long way from any Psycho-Physical Science, being perhaps mere metaphor, but as the Chakras are cognitive concepts in the Psychical Field then perhaps this metaphorical view is also contained within the Psycho-Physics (explaining why each psychical level might correlate to a chakra too?).

    There are important differences of course, for instance the dimensions of the Continnum are not hierarchical, or stacked within each other like russian dolls, but rather are all equal and interpenetrating. But then the chakras shouldnt be regarded as hierarchical either and perhaps this Continnum theory explains why and so is a better model. Also there are several alternative Chakra models and the Leary Circuits dont match exactly, thus indicating we are dealing with approximating cognitive models not realities (the map isnt the territory). The hierachy inherent above would thus be a limitation of the cognitive model. Though no doubt the Continuum model has its own cognitive limitations!

    Having established the model perhaps it can be used for later explorations and experiments to varify or falsify it, but thats best left for real life and our discoveries.

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  17. i have smoke coming out of mi
    ears! .. and I only read it!!! 🙂
    i think i followed most of it.
    i am eagerly awaiting any discoveries
    that will be made. I have often wondered about
    how, and if magik relates to quantum physics,
    but I don’t really know enough to think
    about any but the most basic ideas.
    This was really very informative, (as far
    as i could understand it) as well
    as interesting.

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  18. For the even harder stuff theres always Deleuze, who in effect is saying something similar in philosophy, except he’s totally existentialist about it and somewhat ‘buddhistic’. I’m not a complete fan of his though as I think he has some ideological baggage and uses his scientific analogies a bit too metaphorically for my taste. But he’s basical a Nietzschean Neo-Heraclitean, who draws on metaphors from Quantum Physics and Relativity Theory to expound on his Spinozan, Non-Dualist reconstruction of the typical Freudian-Marxist radicalism of Continental Philosophy.

    The ideas above could be taken as more concrete, scientific take on Deleuzian Existentialism.

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  19. I must have had too many links last comment, and I only metoinn this again since I was referred to re this subject!(Hence no need to repost the comment later):Joe, John: decoherence is both. There is the process, sure. But what can it make happen by itself, without something special prompted by measurement? Claiming it can is the basis of an interpretation. Some people claim decoherence somehow dodges the collapse problem, by a sort of IMHO double-talk argument. I have seen it written (roughly summarized and simplified), it makes the original superposition like a mixture (i.e., sometimes one thing and sometimes another) by making phases differ from instance to instance. (! how is that relevant to what happens any one time?) Reread my comments here and at my name link to see why that is fallacious (hint: it’s a circular argument.) Ask yourself: if no collapse intervenes, what would a system under decoherence do? Act differently than without decoherence OK but no removal of some part of the superposition (how?)I know that quantum interpretation is a subtle and tricky thing and no one really understands what’s going on, so I don’t want to be too proud or sure about the physical issue per se I just know how to analyze arguments for flaws like circular reasoning! And again, Penrose and others have made the same complaints.Note difficulty re ensembles they have a grouping problem. Which bunch/es of instances belong together to form eg a density matrix, if the variability etc. changes over time, or different blocks of instances can be grouped different ways for inconsistent average values or variance levels, etc?BTW Joe your link didn’t work. I found your other links through Google, however.

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