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Introduction to physics-based spirituality

I’ve been thinking – There is this notion among the unenlightened and enlightened alike, that science and religion kinda bite each other. Hard. So I’ve been trying to figure out, if there is a way of connecting, joining those two together. First – my motivations:

  1. Science is kinda cold, it has very little to do with soul/spiritual self, it’s not cosy enough for my tastes. At least I want you to believe so until I prove otherwise later in this post. However for now let’s face it – science is cold and not compatible with spiritual aspects of life.
  2. Religion, spiritual belief, is a little lame. You see I am a person, who really likes systems. And keeping things clean and categorized. So I am somewhat prone to trying to scientifically prove spiritual stuff. Thus, I find most spiritual systems lacking, except maybe Buddhism, but it’s just my personal preference – there’s just least bullshit in there.

Ok, having those two things explained – let’s proceed with the actual article.

This is my approach to integration of science and spirituality – three main scientific priciples that prove or will soon prove, that magic, magick and whatever you call it, is not only not unnatural in the physical sense, not subjective, but is directly and deeply interwoven with the very fabric of reality.

Before proceeding kindly note, that I haven’t read the whole archives on the forums or anywhere else on kiamagic.com, so if this subject has been discussed earlier, let me know. Also, feel free to state your thoughts on this subject. This is just an introduction. As I learn more in the area, I intend to explain it further, but for now it’s still far from comprehensive.

The Holy Trinity of spiritual physics is as follows:

  1. String Theory
  2. Quantum Mechanics
  3. Chaos Theory

I will not go into details on those theories, mostly because I am far from understanding them in the deeper sense. However, I will briefly explain the reasons these ideas have been chosen over a multitude of others.

String theory in a nutshell has two aspects that I would be the most interested in. Firstly, the main assumption of it is that basic molecules that construct our very reality are not solid quarks or anything. String theory ‘believes’ all those ‘solid’ molecules are actually strings of energy, vibrating at specific frequencies, which grant them specific attributes. There, I’ve said it – there is nothing ‘solid’ in the universe. There’s energy vibrating, everything is the same thing, except has a bit different attributes.

There is also one more aspect of string theory. In order for it to be remotely valid, it must assume there are more than three dimensions. Some of the aspects of this theory only work when we assume reality consists of 10 or even more dimensions! Theoretical physicists have already stated, that the assumption means there might be other forms of communication/energy transfer, in fact whole new worlds in those alternative dimensions.

Conclusion – magic/spirituality is active in other dimensions. This is one of many reasons why we cannot explain why spiritual stuff works – we just can’t (yet) perceive the dimensions in which it happens.

Let’s proceed with Quantum Mechanics. Some of you might be aware of the diffraction of light and how it works. For those who are not, wikipedia has a quite decent explanation.

What I would like to focus on in this part is the fact, that quantum mechanics defies non-quantum mechanics. Essentially, what happens in the diffraction of light is that one photon interferes with itself as if it was in two places at the same time. Two places! Can you believe that? But how is that possible?


No, seriously, this is a fundamental quality of the world of quantum mechanics. Stuff goes all weird when things move at the speeds near the speed of light. You would get freaked out.

Anyway, in quantum mechanics, you get a situation, in which perceiving the state of things (like the location of a photon or something similar) has a huge impact on this state of things. To give you an easy to catch example. It is as if you were sitting in a room, with a chess game going on behind your back. You know it is happening but you have no idea what the current position of a black king on the board is. There’s a trick to it. In quantum mechanics, the king might be in two places on the board at the same time. But when you turn around to look at the board, the king assumes one position that would ‘work’ according to your understanding of the rules of the game. When you turn back to your newspaper, things go all weird again – until you take another peek, and so on.

Conclusion – the perception gives birth to a specific situation. In philosophical sense, it has something to do with solipsism, but it’s based on solid physical assumption (wink). The universe is a reality of possibility – in which nothing is set in stone. Only by perceiving and trying to figure it all out, we shape this reality – we create it, we give it specific form.

I know, I know – what kind of conclusion is that when we are not all moving with the speed of light, right? But add this to the string theory please, and you start getting what I mean.

Finally, we arrive with Chaos Theory – this one you might know quite well since you are reading here on this site and not some other (I’m also going to publish this text on my own website).

What I want to focus here is the Butterfly Effect, or the sensitive dependence on initial conditions.

What it means is that regardless of how irrelevant an event might seem, it might have big impact on the whole system. A fart in Berlin, Germany, might cause a flood on Madagascar. Somehow. Not everything can be planned, not always the same experiment will give the same results. The system of universe is sensitive.

Conclusion – there is no reason why a prayer, ritual or spell would not have a desired effect.

There we go. The scientific basis for every spiritual system I can think of right now (when I’m excited and kind of in da zone).

Consider it a framework for your own ideas. Use it, abuse it, have fun with those ideas. Explore – find more theories that can make things work this way – I just wanted to clear the foreground.