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The Race Myth

I feel no need to comment on all the hype surrounding the USA working towards selecting its next president, so I won’t. But I will admit following some of it in the internet news. And one of the things that has struck me is the sheer number of people in some states that returned Clinton a majority on grounds of race. I knew there were racists in the US. We have them here too. I don’t like it, but there we are. They aren’t going away anytime soon.

But call me naive, but I had kind of assumed that racists were more likely to exist in significant numbers on the Republican side of the fence, given their stricter immigration policies or whatever. Again, my comment may betray what little I know of American politics. Of course, what we may have here is a case of a weaker form of racism, that isn’t actually anti-immigration as such, but still doesn’t want a ‘black’ president.

I shouldn’t be surprised. I’ve seen the kind of reaction that many English people feel about having a Scottish or Welsh prime minister. To the extent that some people feel having a Welsh leader cost Labour the election several times during the 80s. That may or may not be true, but one thing is for sure, a lot of attacks on Gordon Brown center on him being Scottish. Personally all my own gripes about Brown are concerned with his authoritarian nanny state policies, all of which are continuing where Blair, Major and Thatcher left off, and where Cameron hopes to continue.

Of course, the anti-celt sentiments of the english are a kind of zenophobia, or tribal hatred, rather than racism, but the two are actually related in various ways, but they can be exclusive. Tribal identification is more a case of cultural preference than physical appearence, but they are both driven by fears of difference.

So discussing the issue of Race would appear to have some value even in the early 21st century. I think its especially important to discuss race as a sorcerer and occultist, because I’ve seen so much bullshit racialism in the occult world still peddled as mystical truths even today. As KIA member Kao23 discussed recently in his posting to the forum, Hyperborean Hype – Geo-Theosophy Revisited.

For the record, I don’t believe the species to which we belong, homo sapien sapien actually has any meaningful racial sub-divisions. For one thing, no one has come up with a meaningful definition of what a ‘race’ is. Assuming it would refer to two or more populations within a species whose respective gene pools have been significantly isolated from each another that measurable genetic deviation has occurred then it might seem that races exist at first glance. Surely differences such as facial structures and skin colouring must have a genetic origin?

Well yes, they probably do, but the problem is that humanity has remained, despite the recent cultural, religious and linguist barriers of the past few thousand years, a single connected gene pool. Thus, whilst genetic deviation between geographically distant members of our species can be observed, their exists no clear dividing lines where one races ends and another begins.


Another reason I believe this is because of the results of clinal studies. Measuring the genetic distribution of certain genes, such as the genes for different blood groups, in native populations, shows that the spread of the gene is both clinal and discontinuous. Other genetic markers have completely different distributions, both clinal and discontinuous. For example, skin colour in native populations is darker around the equator and gets lighter the further north or south from the equator one goes.

Type O Blood Distribution

As a result it is impossible to talk about race in any genetically meaningful manner. The race issue, as it seems to be referred, is then really only an issue in populations that contain sub-populations that previously came from geographically disparate locations. This has happened mainly as a result of colonialism, the slave trade and immigration. Because of the cultural, and often religious differences between these groups, they have maintained distinct cultural identities, and inter-marriage has been minimal compared to usual geographical neighbours.

Common Ancestors

Everyone alive today shares many common ancestors. The two most scientifically provable are the Mitochondrial Eve and the Y-Chromosome Adam. Unlike their biblical name sakes, this Adam and Eve never met, in fact they lived a minimum of 1000 generations apart (30000 years). They represent our ancestors along the matrilineal and patrilinial lines respectively. Of course, we would have many ancestors that weren’t along either sexually pure line, but its hard to pinpoint them. The point is none the less that all humans alive to day have a common male ancestor from 60,000 to 90,000 years ago, and a common female ancestor from around 140,000 years ago. We are all cousins. Let the incest continue… 😉

So it is time to put away the race myth and the divisive hatred it breeds. There is no racial purity, there never has been, and there never will be, because there are no races. Just one species, homo sapien sapien, and part of its strength lies in its genetic diversity and interconectedness.

We have been divided as a result of misunderstanding, prejudice and lies, it is time to unite.

Solve et Coagula.

3 thoughts on “The Race Myth

  1. Yes I agree.

    Not all people accept the scientific view unfortunately, in fact I recently heard someone put foward (their version at least) of the Guenon/Evola view 23 as the ‘standard occult position’ – that Africans and Aborignees were actually Lemurians (seen as degenerate offspring of Ayran Hyperboreans) who bred with apes, creating the fossils which caused people to mistakenly posit Darwinism! If people believe that shit what hope is there of convincing Democrats that race isnt important.

    Ultimately though Republican = ‘moderate fascist’ and
    Democrat = ‘more subtle crypto-republican’ I believe.

    For me my current perspective is science and theosophy produce myths, but which myths are the most beneficial to us? Certainly not racist ones.

    I agree the idea there are no races is very convincing from the scientific perspective though. Actually even species are suspect according to some.

    The key thing is what people identify with though, if they collective identify as a race then it exists. Another good arguement for a individualism.

    I suspect some Democrats voters wrongly believe in pure self interest individualism though, which means they think Obama is in it for himself and those he identifies as most like him so will be pro black and therefore anti white.

    The Democrat leadership know they all work for the same Corporations though.

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  2. Yeah, I’m not really overly concerned with the US presidential stuff. The Democrat thing was only of minor interest to me because of the accusations of racism and sexism I’ve heard hurled from supporters of both camps.

    I don’t think the US has really cottoned on to the idea of multi party democracy. For a large part if its history it only had one party, The Democratic Republican Party. The name says it all really. Some might say nothing has changed. 😉

    I realise that there are some people will always deliberately oppose the scientific view, but I suspect the vast majority are simply ignorant of the facts. The reason I write articles like this is because if they lead just one person to a more accurate and useful view of humanity and race then it will have done its job. Hopefully it will eventually reach a lot more than that, either directly, or by inspiring others to spread the word in their own way. Hopefully not in a religious or dogmatic sense though… 😀

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  3. hello i see you’re happy and well, i am fine i wont be back in plymouth until mid sept , interesting article thou i myself dont really care about US elections , my baby doing well he shedding again i love him more each day.

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